Where We Meet

10:00 am in The Gym at New Life Baptist Church 4809 Gallatin Pike Nashville, TN 37216

Community Groups

We believe Community Groups are the heartbeat of our Restoration Church family.

30 October

Stop Trying to Find Community

Man, I hate “team building” exercises.  Remember “human knot?”  Everyone grabs hands in the middle of a circle and you have to communicate with each other in order to come untied.  Its an activity designed to help the members of the group get to know each other, and presumably learn to work as a team.  […]

7 August

Help, I’m Discouraged, Defeated and Starving!

Groundhog day.  Almost every afternoon brings the same domestic dilemma.     “Sweetie, what do you want to do for dinner?”   “I don’t know, what do you want?”   “What do we have?”   “Not much, we need to go grocery shopping.”   “It’s 5 o’clock, what do we have in the fridge?”   […]

28 May

3 Dangerous Myths of Evangelism

             I stared at a plaque on the door of my new office that read “Minister of Evangelism.” This was my first full time staff position at a church, and I felt ill equipped.  It’s not because I had not been adequately trained or lacked passion.  Rather, it was the legion of lies I felt […]